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Brothers helping Brothers

CPTCombat Veterans Motorcycle Association’s mission is to help veterans but sometimes brothers just have to get together and help their follow brother in CVMA 27-5. Yesterday was that type of day and Sunday’s ride to Nowhere was a day of brotherhood.

Brothers who were able to ride yesterday meet at the Gator’s Den where Gator and Zassy fixed breakfast. After breakfast they rode to Tappahannock to meet Kenny Boy and Jumper.

About 10 miles before the meet up point they ran into a shower and during the meetup it was decided to adjust the ride plan since Gonzo and Sketch have just purchased new bikes it was decided that tight formations and back roads might not be the place to try them out on wet roads.

Kenny Boy lead the brothers though a short back road with some turns and twist across bridges, along the river, and down a road by a mill pond before getting on a more used road to Coles Point Tavern for lunch. The tavern sits out on a pier in the Potomac River. Maryland claims the Potomac River to the lower water mark of the Virginia shoreline so soon after you step on the pier you are in Maryland.

Talk about a lunch. Turns out that on the Sundays that the Redskins play at home they have a buffet. Jugg calls it a bufFAT. He should know if you could see what he put away. Who could blame him though when you saw the layout and it was only $15 bucks.

I’m telling you $15 bucks and besides the usual chicken and stuff you find on buffets they had rockfish, a crab soup, and this killer hot crab dip loaded with crab meat. How Virginia ever let Maryland claim the blue crab is also a mystery and one of Kenny Boy’s many issues. All crabs in the Chesapeake Bay are born in Virginia and have to swim though Virginia to get to Maryland.

The sun started to appear just before we arrived and by the time we had finished eating the skies were clear and the roads were dry. On the way out Kenny Boy lead us though some awesome back roads with fall foliage, turns, straightaways, hills, and hills with turns.

Zig-Zag and Pedro have ridden across from each other before and yesterday Cornbread was just in front of them. The next thing you know the 3 of them got so tight going around turns they couldn’t see each other in their mirrors. It’s like Gonzo says, “Brothers trusting Brothers”.

Pedro and I have been trying to build our new website. I’m hoping when I hit publish this post will not only go on our website but also go to our Facebook and Twitter pages. If it does please share and retwitt as we really want people to know that we are dedicated to our mission of “Vets helping Vets”.

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