The stigma that comes with seeking help

October 17th, 2015 | Kenny Boy

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Eliminating the stigma that comes with seeking help for our demons.

Everyone has problems. Many people ┬átry to work things out on their own. For some, their life experiences, memories, actions, regrets are just too much to handle…alone. Does that make these people “damaged?” No. It makes them HUMAN. They’ve shouldered more burdens, seen more chaos and human depravity than the average person could even begin to imagine.
For these people, these doers of deeds and keepers of peace, seeking psychiatric counseling or help is almost a guaranteed social and professional death sentence. Commands will “brand” them. Civilian employers don’t want the “liability” of hiring a mentally scarred warrior and the troops themselves, knowing all of this, will often fail to seek counseling on their own. For 22 of those warriors today and every day, it will be too late.

This labeling of people, soldiers, sailors, Marines, for doing the RIGHT thing by seeking help, needs to STOP. Some people need help opening a jar, working on a car, with a math question, or with map directions… Others, need help in other areas. That doesn’t make them, us, dangerous. It makes us human. It means we still care and we’re still in “there.” We just need help getting “out.”

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