Employment, there is still a large amount of the civilian population that look down on vets…take the CNN article that is circulating
around now about how vets are too messed up to be employees.


Learning how to reconnect with spouses and children.  A spouse who has never been there will never fully understand what it is that their spouse is going through.  Although we try to understand,  we won’t unless we were there.  This can cause a riff in a relationship or marriage,  because the one spouse wants to help and talk about it,  but the other doesn’t know how to and/or would rather shelter the non-deployed spouse from those memories and images.  It’s easier to act as if everything was rainbows and unicorns than seeing the look in their faces when you do open up.

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Eliminating the stigma that comes with seeking help for our demons.

Everyone has problems. Many people  try to work things out on their own. For some, their life experiences, memories, actions, regrets are just too much to handle…alone. Does that make these people “damaged?” No. It makes them HUMAN. They’ve shouldered more burdens, seen more chaos and human depravity than the average person could even begin to imagine.
For these people, these doers of deeds and keepers of peace, seeking psychiatric counseling or help is almost a guaranteed social and professional death sentence. Commands will “brand” them. Civilian employers don’t want the “liability” of hiring a mentally scarred warrior and the troops themselves, knowing all of this, will often fail to seek counseling on their own. For 22 of those warriors today and every day, it will be too late.

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You can help a Veteran

A Veteran somewhere helps HELP!

Troubled VeteranIf you or someone you know is a combat veteran then you know that it isn’t always easy to transition from combat back to civilian life. Your experiences as a veteran may give you a different perspective than the people around you. And trauma related to war and combat can lead to post-traumatic stress, depression and hopelessness. More

Helping Veterans

CVMA 27-5 is charitable organization dedicated helping veterans.

We are an Association of men and women with a passion for serving our great country. We were all once or still are members or spouses of the Armed Services. Our purpose now is to lend a helping hand to veterans in need.

All of our proceeds will help shelter and feed our nations forgotten heros.

Our time is dedicated to ensuring veterans and their family’s get the right help for PTSD, wounded warriors, or to just be an ear to listen.

Vets helping Vets | Brothers helping Brothers

Brothers helping Brothers

CPTCombat Veterans Motorcycle Association’s mission is to help veterans but sometimes brothers just have to get together and help their follow brother in CVMA 27-5. Yesterday was that type of day and Sunday’s ride to Nowhere was a day of brotherhood. More